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Nobel Peace Prize Alternatives Nobel Peace Prize Alternatives


And the winner is ... the European Union?!?
Yes, the Nobel Committee selected the EU for its annual Peace Prize, because the continent has (so far) handled its debt crisis without the rise of (much) fascism. ...

Cocktail Condiments Cocktail Condiments

These booze-infused foods lend new meaning to the term "liquid diet."
Alcoholic Pickles: In 2007, French Culinary Institute head Dave Arnold—a renowned mad scientist of food and cocktails—pioneered a technique for pickling with booze (specifically, gin and vermouth) ...

How Mitt Romney Is Like Walter White How Mitt Romney Is Like Walter White

On the surface of things, patrician Mitt Romney doesn’t have much in common with Bryan Cranston’s iconic Breaking Bad character Walter White, a high school chemistry instructor. First of all, Walter probably has less of a desire ...