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About Marty

Marty Beckerman is a #1 bestselling humorist from tropical Anchorage, Alaska — where he got his start as an Anchorage Daily News columnist at age 15 — and is a former editor at Esquire and MTV News. USA Today calls his writing “laugh-out-loud,” Business Insider calls him “the most famous author from Alaska,” and Hunter S. Thompson called him a “morbid little bastard,” which Marty considers the greatest compliment of his life. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their cat and Netflix.

Marty's Books



the generation war
It's BuzzFeed meets "The Purge"! Adjunct professor Olivia has no savings, no stability, no hope...oh, and she's still living at home with her father, the university dean. Meanwhile, sky-high tuition is wrecking her students' lives. The solution? Kidnap the out-of-touch, greedy baby boomers running the school and demand cancellation of all college loan debt. What could possibly go wrong, except for a civil war between young and old?

A timely, scathing and uproarious tale of the new generation gap. They killed shopping malls, chain restaurants, taxis, newspapers, bar soap, landline phones, cable TV and gluten...and now they’re coming for youuuuuuuuuuuu!



a nostalgia novella
A literary treatment of the 1990s revival that asks the ultimate millennial question: “What’s My Age Again?”

On the eve of their thirtieth birthday, twin brothers Jake and Zack Hind — bankrupt from the recession and obsessed with the lost golden era of the 1990s — drunkenly create a Kickstarter crowdfunding page for ’90s ISLAND, a tropical commune dedicated to recreating that beloved, carefree decade. When they wake up, Generation Y has collectively pledged millions of dollars.

At first it’s a thrilling return to the twentieth century: ’90s fashions, ’90s music, ’90s slang, ’90s video games, even ’90s junk food ... but the fun turns to horror when Zack seizes dictatorial power, banning everything from modern books to medicine. Jake must stop him — but first he must conquer his own nostalgia.

"The novella has the same over-the-top, manic zaniness as an Austin Powers movie or a Spice Girls song. It’s pure Dunkaroos frosting sugar, with an extra combat boot kick of bitterness."

"There are just enough witty, holy-shit-I-forgot-about-that references ... just enough snarky dialogue and just enough nostalgia to remind you that the ‘90s were one hell of a decade."
Three Guys One Book

"[A] more immersive nostalgia experience than could be gained by reading every '25 xyz from the '90s' posts in succession."

"It is tempting to cut and paste huge blockquotes of Beckerman brilliantly skewering/paying tribute to the various fashions and manias of that era, but the choosing would be too difficult."
Decibel magazine

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just like papa
A manual for boozing, brawling and bullfighting!

Fifty years have passed since the death of Ernest Hemingway, history's ultimate man, and young males today — obsessed with Facebook, Twitter, and Nintendo — know nothing about his legendary brand of rugged, alcoholic masculinity. They cannot hook a fish, dominate a battlefield, or transform majestic creatures of the Southern Hemisphere into piano keyboards.

The Heming Way demonstrates how modern eunuchs — brainwashed by PETA and Alcoholics Anonymous — can learn from Papa's unparalleled example: drunken, unshaven, meat-devouring, wife-divorcing, and gloriously self-destructive.

"A laugh-out-loud parody..."
—USA Today

"Within this raucous self-help handbook to hairy-chested masculinity (and cat ownership), as exemplified by Papa Hemingway, lurks a serious message: turn off the TV, log off Facebook, and get out there and live! A great choice for manly men and/or couch potatoes."

"The book is full of chuckles... Beckerman had a fun time writing it and that shines through... It’s a quick read and worth the time."
—The Faster Times

"[A] pitch-perfect parody..."
Idaho Mountain Express

"Five stars... a gem... I was in pain from laughing too hard."
—The Collegian, Independent Voice of Kansas State University

"The Heming Way is hilarious. ... For a satirical work, it is remarkably well-researched and thought out.”
—The Baylor Lariat

"The book is a great read. ... Beckerman carries the reader through with wit and intelligence, taking a shot at everything in his path... highly recommended.”

"[A] funny, smart, and satirical look at how men can reclaim their manhood…"
Volume 1 Brooklyn

"A funny collection..."
—Kirkus Reviews

"I think it was Gore Vidal who said Hemingway was a joke that only America didn't get. No longer!”
—Mark Simpson, coiner of the word “metrosexual"

Read Excerpts At Official Book Site



adventures in politics
An iconoclastic critique of the True Believer mentality and the vanishing of American centrism. Marty spent four long years with foot soldiers of "the Loony Left, the Rabid Right, and Other American Idiots," and found that — whether it's banning free speech to protect feelings or to enforce religious morality — fundamentalists of all stripes have very little use for civil liberties. named Dumbocracy as one of its "Top 25 Political Humor Books" of all time, alongside volumes by Bill Maher, Al Franken, P.J. O'Rourke, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and The Onion.

"[A]musing, and often laugh-out-loud... Beckerman's research is, to put it in very clear terms, exceptional."
—The Guardian

"[A] great book."
—Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State

"[F]unny and gleefully provocative."
—The Boston Phoenix

"Dumbocracy is a thoughtful book with great shock value geared to awaken, entertain and enlighten Marty's generation about the freedoms embedded in our Bill of Rights. Beyond the spoofing, it is passionate, scholarly, and delivers the message that young people need to hear."
—Former U.S. senator and presidential candidate Mike Gravel

"[H]ilarious yet powerful... many of his rants are on point. ... And if he makes young readers pay attention to politics, more power to him."

"Beckerman uses the deft and subtle touch of a sledgehammer. If you can read this entire book without being offended, then there is a good chance that you are illiterate. If you can read this entire book and not enjoy it, then there's a good chance you take yourself too seriously."
—Christian Lander, author of Stuff White People Like

"If offensive humor is your thing, then Dumbocracy will be your bible. ... [I]f you like South Park, The Daily Show or The Colbert Report, you won’t be able to hold in your laughter..."
Oregon Daily Emerald

"Beckerman ... goes beyond tipping the Sacred Cows of American Politics; he eviscerates them, bathes in their blood, makes suspenders from their intestines, and runs naked through the field of carcasses. He’s profane, mean-spirited, obscene, and damned hysterical."

"[S]creamingly funny yet deadly serious... should be required reading... A review can’t really do Beckerman’s book justice... Nor is it easy to do justice to the genius of his writing."
—The Moderate Voice



the college sexperience
Published by MTV Books when Marty was a college junior, this novel/exposé took readers undercover and under the covers, exploring the emotionless hook-up culture that ultimately led to the disconnected modern era of Tinder. It also chronicled Marty's own youthful adventures in trying (and spectacularly failing) to get lucky.

"The work is a surprisingly nuanced critique of contemporary culture."
Washington City Paper

"Hilarious, and just a little bit sad."
Yale Daily News

"It's a funny but also complex book... Beckerman is such a strong fiction writer..."
Suicide Girls

"[C]hilling... skillfully edited... disturbing..."

"The U.S. literary scene is in dire need of a young, outspoken, original bomb thrower. Enter Marty Beckerman... [one] of the best young writers around." —Bookslut

"The fiction is much better than you'd expect from a college kid..."
Identity Theory

"[H]ilarious ... while at the same time sobering and disturbing."
Metro Toronto

"Just the right mix of shocking, tragic and hilarious. The work of a 20-year-old genius."

"Generation S.L.U.T. firmly establishes Marty Beckerman as the Lenny Bruce of his generation. The best and funniest book about young lust I've read in ages, yet also sweet and romantic in ways that will get him laid a lot."
—John Strausbaugh, former editor of New York Press

"[P]owerful... Beckerman depicts sympathetic people who behave in hateful ways and, in doing so, manages to capture something essential about our generation."
—The Brown Daily Herald

"[S]cathing humor-cum-social commentary... Beckerman is reckless, onanistic, and indulgent on an Eggers-ian scale. He's also a sick, funny little fucking motherfucker."
San Francisco Weekly



the early works
In 2000, at age 17, Marty collected his cynical, juvenile, kinda-sorta brilliant tirades into a book that went Web 1.0 viral, sold 1,000 copies from his parents' basement, and launched his career as a professional writer who sometimes even puts on pants before noon. Fifteen years later, this expanded and revised edition—with bonus content from 1998-2001—showcases his comedic origins.

(For the record, Marty—now a semi-mature adult man—no longer has a problem with cheerleaders, and even admits they're probably okay people. We all lose our ideals eventually.)

"A hilarious gash against hypocrisy..."

"Funny stuff. ... Marty is a very precocious smart-ass..."
—New York Press

"His articles show the evils in this world as he sees them, and take us through the typical teenage rites of passage. ... His talent, wit, and confrontational nature promise him a bright future."
—The Mitzpeh, the University of Maryland's Independent Jewish Newspaper

"Marty comments on what others would simply accept as standard practice."
Netsurfer Digest

"Once the initial shock of Beckerman's profanity and hatred wears off, there are some highly readable and humorous gags. ... Frequently hilarious."
—The Anchorage Daily News

"[Beckerman is] able to have you rolling on the floor in a convulsive fit of relentless laughter. ... It is very well worth the cost. Don't miss out on this one."
Union Weekly, California State University, Long Beach